Custom typefaces designed for L'Oréal group, global leader in the Beauty industry. The goal was to design timeless, sophisticated typefaces to carry the brand for many years to come. The result being two typefaces drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of L'Oréal and prime French typography. L'Oréal Essentielle is a geometric sans serif in 4 weights – Light, Regular, Bold, Black, with matching italics. Design is based on various brand logotype versions throughout history, as well as geometric typefaces used on their iconic product packaging. L'Oréal Royale is a serif typeface in 2 weights – Regular, Bold. Stroke construction model is influenced by the work of Robert Granjon. It is finished off with soft brush terminations that add warmth and a contemporary sense of beauty. Royale is designed to shine in bigger sizes, but can also handle running text with ease.
Client: L’Oréal Groupe
Art direction: FutureBrand Paris, Aksel Öz
Designed with Marko Hrastovec
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Type design & lettering
Paris, FR